Compagnie Daniel Fernändez

Improvisation | Thinking Tools | Workshop


The search for a multitude of atmospheres, landscapes and contexts in a performative, kinaesthetic and holistic space.

After many different experiences as a dancer and choreographer, I’m convinced that we can transform ourselves into instruments that are unique, subtle, versatile and receptive. In essence, the training I offer is a place for exchange. My role is to provide exercises and concepts to work on, while staying open to participation and in agreement with the participants.

The THINKING TOOLS training, based on the transmission of an experience, is articulated in a precise manner using a range of improvisation techniques. We work on movement by integrating the different strata and elements that make us a whole. The body, what we understand as our body, that which we perceive and use. A physical body. A paradoxical body. The body, what we understand as our body, that which we perceive and can therefore make use of.

We’ll contend with the creation of movement—the foundation of our work together—to which voice, text and text and writing will gradually be added as we navigate between dance and theatre, thought and action, memory and oblivion.

What are we gravitating towards?
What are we avoiding?
What are we letting go of or inviting in?

By weighing up these questions, explore the strategies of transformation and abandon, physical and emotional states, interactions and shared fiction. Risk and vulnerability. Explore the boundaries between knowing and not knowing, abstraction and tension, image and action.
Seek out each other’s body language from within the movement.