Compagnie Daniel Fernändez

Première Communion de jeunes filles chlorotiques par un temps de neige | New work | 2020


Première Communion de Jeunes Filles Chlorotiques par un Temps de Neige is a contemporary dance for three performers, imagined from a plural research on white monochrome. What interests me in this proposal is to understand, by observing a set of monochrome works, and questioning their works, how and why the artists reduce the painting to a single colour to renew their artistic practice. My attempt is to understand the functioning of the white colour in an image, an object, a work of art and to observe some technical, chemical, iconographic, artistic and symbolic problems.

Use white monochrome as a code and creative engine to search and develop new languages, new ways of being. To deepen the problematic of nothingness and infinity, the idea of emptiness: identity by the way. Concept, light, matter, sensation, perception, white evokes this idea of purity and renewal through its transgression of the borders of painting, as found in the emblematic painting of Malevich "White on white". White metaphysical, physical. White absence and presence. Vector at once sacred and transgressive, Première Communion de Jeunes Filles Chlorotiques par un temps de Neige retains the notion of absolute colour of white.