Compagnie Daniel Fernändez

Première Communion de jeunes filles chlorotiques par un temps de neige | 2022 | new work


Firs communion of young chlorotic girls in snowy weather is a contemporary dance for three performers, imagined from a plural research on white monochrome. What interests me in this proposal is to understand, by observing a set of monochrome works, and questioning their works, how and why the artists reduce the painting to a single colour to renew their artistic practice. My attempt is to understand the functioning of the white colour in an image, an object, a work of art and to observe some technical, chemical, iconographic, artistic and symbolic problems.

In a dystopian future, three characters share the same space—a girl's boarding school or futuristic laboratory, and an immersive and co-anaesthetic sound score as a pretext for approaching heterogeneous universes—by creating a composition of images, a landscape evocative of meaning and manifold imagination. From the partial recollection of childhood memory and its games leading to a deformation to a perverse distortion, resorting to white as a code and a creative drive to seek and develop new languages, new ways of being; to deepen the problematic of nothingness and infinity, the idea of emptiness and construct assemble iconographic and symbolic evocations.